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Now, how much money can you make teaching English online?

When assessing a new career path you need to know how much money you can potentially make, right. So, how much money you can make teaching online?

Teaching English Online Salaries

As a general guide, you can earn anything between US$5 to US$50 per hour. So, teaching English online salaries vary quite a lot.

Some online schools pay very little, hence the US$5 hourly rate. But, teaching online can definitely be lucrative. For instance, there are online English teachers who make as much as US$100 per hour by getting their own students and specializing in niche*.

*A niche is a specific area of English language training that you can focus on based on your previous professional or life experience. This focus area solves a problem that certain students have (e.g. IELTS Exam preparation).

Factors influencing how much money you make teaching English online

Teaching English online salaries vary quite a bit depending on many factors. These include:

  • if you work for a school or for yourself (the latter is often more lucrative)
  • your previous experience (work and life)
  • your teaching and other qualifications
  • the type of English lessons you teach
  • who you are teaching


Here’s a scenario where you could earn very well teaching TEFL online. Say you spent 10 years working as a realtor and you are changing careers. In this case, you could offer English language training specific to the real estate industry. More specifically, realtors in Spain have many English-speaking clients. Thus they might have issues using the right language to sell properties. Or they might struggle to understand English customs and culture. Therefore, you could focus on these issues and solve the particular problems your students face. And in doing so, your students would be willing to pay more.

You can even make good money teaching English online if you don’t have a lot of work experience. For example, if you don’t have much professional experience but have traveled extensively. Then you could offer Travel English lessons. Your focus could be on the language we use at airports, how to check-in, how to tell a taxi driver where to go, or how to book a hotel or restaurant.

There are countless teaching niches and students who will pay you well for help with their specific language challenges.

If you have a rough idea of how much you can make teaching English online (the hourly rate you think you can get) then you can use our online calculator to figure out how much you will earn. The calculation is based on the hours you aim to work per day. You can even see how long it will take you to pay off your teacher training!

How much money can you make teaching English online, really? - eTEFL Online

So, how much money can you make teaching English online?

The salaries of online teachers do vary a lot which makes this a tricky question to answer. And many people teach English online on a part-time basis which further complicates matters. Obviously, the number of hours you teach will influence how much you earn teaching online.

The short answer is: from $10-$20 USD/hour when you start out (depending on your qualifications and relevant experience). And between $12-$50 USD/hour (even more) as an experienced online English teacher.

These are rough guides. In reality, teaching English online salaries vary widely.

For a case study of real income over time, please read our blog post on eTEFL Online graduate Zander Botha’s online teaching journey by clicking HERE.


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