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Teach Online to Make Money as You Travel the World

Want to work online and travel the world? Why not teach online to make money from anywhere?

If you teach English online, you can do just that: work online and travel. And, teaching online is one of the best ways to make money online. So, if your goal is to work and travel at the same time, then teaching English online could be perfect for you.


How to teach online to make money while you travel


If you are fluent in English you can teach online to make money from anywhere.

It is easier if you have a degree and are a native English speaker. And if you have teaching experience you will also be at an advantage. But, that said, you can still work online as an English teacher without a degree or experience, even as a non-native speaker.

As long as you are fluent in English and have a good internet connection you can teach English online. So you’ll be able to work online and travel the world.

To teach English online your first step should be to do an accredited TEFL course and get proper TEFL certification (TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

You do a TEFL course online (with eTEFL Online) from anywhere in the world. Then apply for contract teaching positions or create freelance teaching profiles, from anywhere.

Soon, you’ll be teaching online from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection. Which is (you guessed it) pretty much anywhere.

If you’re still at home, you can do all this before you start traveling. It’s actually a good idea to do a TEFL course and find students or teaching jobs before you set off. Then simply pack your laptop and take your new career with you when you leave. Wherever you go.

You don’t need a hi-tech, top-end device either. A standard smartphone or laptop will do the trick. As long as you have a stable, fast internet connection you’ll be all set to teach English online while you roam the planet.


How TEFL certification helps you work online and travel


Accredited TEFL certification is accepted by schools and employers worldwide. For both online and face-to-face teaching in language schools.

So, you can use your online TEFL certification to teach in classrooms all over the world.

This means you can apply for local teaching positions if you want to spend more time wherever you choose. From Thailand to Costa Rica and Mozambique – you’ll be able to teach with your TEFL qualification. Both for teaching online and in local language schools.

Besides being globally recognized, TEFL certification also gives you the training you need to be a good English teacher. A decent TEFL course will help build your confidence and equip you with the skills and tools needed to succeed.

Oh, and having a TEFL qualification will also enable you to make more money than you would without it. Because employers and students worldwide recognize TEFL certification.


What’s better than a TEFL Course?


There is nothing wrong with a high-quality, accredited TEFL course. But, it won’t help you find teaching jobs online and it won’t show you how to market yourself online, or off.

TEFL courses train you to teach English in the ESL industry. They don’t teach you how to enter the ESL industry, make money and thrive, however.

That’s precisely why we offer teacher training that does cover all the extra skills and tools you need to get work online and travel while you make money. Our Online Teacher Training Bundles include a course on how to write your resume and cover letter and access to professional development and job support groups.

We also offer teacher training for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own businesses teaching English online.

Having your own online business is ideal for digital nomads as it gives you the most flexibility and control. Plus, you have the highest earning potential when you teach English online independently.


More about teaching English online


To find out more about teaching English online, check out:

Or take a look at the short videos on our eTEFL YouTube channel.


Sound like the perfect way to work online and travel?

Your dream lifestyle is obtainable. You can work online and travel by teaching English online.
Work & Travel: Teaching Online
Start creating your flexible online career today and become a digital nomad in no-time. Before you know it you’ll be teaching online to make money while you travel the world!
Talk to us about doing a TEFL course and teacher training online. We’ll help you teach online to make money from anywhere in the world.

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  1. Donnet Swearinh

    This sounds incredible and like simething I would do. However what is the cost for the training and what is the first do I need to take to commence. Do you cater to persons in caribbean island.

    1. Jody Van der Westhuizen

      Hi Donnet

      We cater to the Caribbean and everywhere else in the world, too. If the cost is an issue, we also offer a payment plan. When you click on Enroll, you will be taken to a page where you can choose to pay in full or Payment Plan. Click on the payment plan option to see the breakdown and costs involved. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email suport@eteflonline.com

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