Our Partner Courses and Services

Below you will find a selection of courses, programs, and coaching products from our partners. These packages cover all types of training relevant to online teaching including document preparation, freelance profile creation, teacherpreneur business coaching, non-native teacher courses, and much more.

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Just ESL Tutors


After getting certified to teach, you still need to prepare documents for your applications to online schools or for freelance teaching websites like your Resume/CV, cover letter, teacher, and LinkedIn profiles.

Our Partners, Just ESL Tutors, provide courses and programs to help you with this which you can find below. You can visit their website here www.justesltutors.com or click on the specific packages below for more details.

Some of these courses are included in our Online Teacher packages here www.eteflonline.com/online-teacher-packages/ where you can save up to 50% of the retail price by combining them with 1 of our TEFL/TESOL or online teaching practicum courses.


TEFL Equity Advocates


If you are a non-native English speaker who wants to teach online, you have undoubtedly encountered discrimination when applying for jobs online. We have partnered with TEFL Equity Advocates who are committed to tackling the false perception that native speakers are inherently better teachers through education and support. Their courses will help you:

  • deal with native speakerism and racism in ELT
  • teach English for international communication
  • improve your job opportunities as a ‘non-native speaker’

You can visit their website here at www.teflequityadvocates.com for more information or click on some of their courses below for more details.

Bowei Strategy – 21-day Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge


If you would like to work for yourself and start your own online teaching business, then we can recommend the courses below to help guide you in the creation of niche, set yourself apart from other teachers, how to accept payments online and everything you need to know about running a successful and profitable online teaching business.

Click here www.boweistrategy.com/challenge to learn more


Destination TEFL – Face to Face TEFL courses in South-East Asia

Destination TEFL offers face-to-face TEFL/TESOL courses in Thailand, Bali, and Cambodia. They include in-class instruction, practical teacher training, and job placement with local schools. Open to all applicants with or without a degree so you can travel and teach in tropical destinations. For more information, please email us at support@eteflonline.com with the subject line, “Destination TEFL”.


Get TEFL certified in a few weeks and start tutoring English online from the comfort of your own home or from your laptop while traveling the world.

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