What is teaching English online?

What is teaching English online and why do it?

What is teaching English online?

Teaching English online is you, the teacher, delivering English classes to students over the Internet You can use a computer, laptop, or smartphone to deliver online classes in either video and/or audio form.


What is Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) online?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Similarly, TESOL means Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Both TEFL and TESOL refer to English classes for second-language speakers. Also known as non-native English learners. Their first language is Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese or anything other than English.

Teaching TEFL or teaching English online is delivering classes to non-native English learners on the Internet.


How do you teach English online classes?

If you have private students you can deliver online classes over Zoom or Skype. If you work for an online school you might use proprietary software provided by the school.

Most teachers deliver their online lessons as video classes using webcams. Some use audio classes instead.

You can use your smartphone, desktop computer, or laptop to teach English online classes. Most online teachers use computers or laptops because these devices are generally superior. You don’t need the latest, high-end device. A reliable standard device that can run Zoom and Skype will suffice. In order to deliver professional online English classes, you will need a stable, fast internet connection (more about that later).

What is teaching English online

There are three ways to teach English online. For more about that watch this video: 3 Ways to Teach English Online.

What English can you teach online and to whom?

To answer the question (What is teaching English online?) in more detail, let’s delve into what kinds of English you can teach online.

There are many, many areas of specialization within the online TEFL/TESOL industry. You can teach general English, business English, pronunciation, or English for specific industries. As an English teacher, you can specialize in grammar, conversation, beginners, advanced learners, and more.

When it comes to students, you can teach English online to adults, teens, or children. From kindergarten kids to retirees, it’s up to you.

Then there’s your class size. You can do either 1-on-1 tutoring or small group classes, whichever you prefer.


Why Teach English Online?

You can teach English online from anywhere in the world. This means you can work from home if you want to, or while you travel around the world. And, it is easy to get started. You can become qualified in as little as a month, online, and for much less than you think.

In fact, you can make back your investment in one of our bundles in as little as 7 days once you start working online! (See for yourself using our online calculator here.) Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But thousands of people have done it and are now earning a decent living teaching English online.

The best part, teaching English is ethical. It helps students to further their careers and live better lives. It helps non-native speakers to join English study programs. To move to English-speaking countries and access new opportunities. Unlike other ways of making money online, teaching English online is above board.

On top of that, you can work when you choose because there are students in every time zone across the planet. And, you can work as much or as little as you like, by adjusting the number of students and hours you teach.

So now you know what teaching English online is, and why it is a great career choice.

All you need to teach English online is a fast Internet connection and a legitimate TEFL qualification

We can help you get the latter – with our accredited online TEFL courses. Our mission goes way beyond that though. We help English teachers achieve their goals and make the most of their careers online. We do this by providing teachers with the ongoing support they need to succeed. Starting with getting TEFL certified. Then, helping new teachers to market themselves, specialize, and find jobs and/or students online.

When you sign up with us you become part of our vibrant online teaching community. A community that will help you to make the most of your online career.

Find out what is driving the industry of online English teaching? Or, take a look at our Online Teacher Training Bundles to get way more than just a TEFL certificate (including a comprehensive Online Teacher PATH Program).

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  1. I already am a primary school teacher, I currently teach English, Maths and life skills, I would like to teach English online on a part time basis in order to earn extra income.

      1. I just got my 180 hour advanced TEFL certificate. I want to get started with teaching online and earning. How do i go about it?
        Thank you.

    1. Jody Van der Westhuizen

      Hello Bridget

      That depends on what you want to do with the course. All of our bundles are very reasonably priced for what they include. But if you are asking which is the cheapest course bundle, then the 120-hour Standard Online Teacher Bundle here https://eteflonline.com/standard-online-teacher-bundles/ would be the one. Until the end of the day, you can also get 20% off this bundle and all the other bundles as well. Just click on that link to see the price in your local currency.

  2. Nothando Dlamini

    I have a degree in Education my majors are Accounting and Business studies. I would like to teach English online I am currently unemployed and this opportunity can advance my teaching skill.

    1. Jody Van der Westhuizen

      Hello Nothando, thank you for your message. You can use your teaching degree to work for an online school without a TEFL certificate. However, some companies may require one regardless. We published a blog post here https://eteflonline.com/10-online-schools-hiring-right-now-non-chinese/ with a list of 10 online schools that are hiring right now. Perhaps you can apply to some of those to see what they require of you.

      If you would like our assistance, we have a Mentorship program included in our online teacher training bundles here https://eteflonline.com/online-teacher-bundles/ that includes the TEFL course as well and a 3-week personalized mentorship and coaching program to help you establish yourself as an online English teacher. If you have any further questions, please email support@eteflonline.com

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