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In this post, we’ll explain how to start your own successful online teaching business. We cover the advantages and disadvantages of starting your own online teaching business, tell you why we recommend starting your own business and how to do it.

If you don’t want to work for an online English school like DaDa, or as a freelancer through an online teaching platform like iTalki, then consider starting your own online teaching business. In this option, you build your own online teaching business. You have full control of every aspect of your day including your students, income, and methodology. Your income potential is much higher but so is the risk.

*This is the fourth blog in a series of five, to read the previous blog click here.

Advantages of Starting Your Own Online Teaching Business:

  • Total autonomy, you are your own boss. Unlike teaching at online English schools where you become a contract employee.
  • Possibility to scale. Growing your online teaching business to a point where you are talking about $100s/hour instead of $10 or $20/hour.

Disadvantages of Starting Your Own Online Teaching Business:

  • Very steep learning curve. You need to build a website, learn to advertise to get English students and create your own teaching materials.
  • Larger initial investment than teaching freelance or for schools.

It might seem overwhelming to start your own online teaching business but fortunately, we have a solution for you.

Entrepreneur Online Teacher Bundles

Entrepreneur Online Teacher Bundle

We have partnered with James Liu (MBA, PhD) – the founder of Bowie Strategy. His 21-day Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge is now included in our Entrepreneur Online Teacher Bundles.

In the 21-day Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge James shows you how to:

  • Create a profitable online teaching niche
  • Market yourself online to set yourself apart from other English teachers
  • Accept payments online
  • Design a teaching curriculum
  • Convert student and sharpen your sales skills

The 21-day Teacher Challenge covers everything you need to know so start running a successful and profitable online teaching business of your own.

For more details contact eTEFL Online or visit the Bowie Strategy website.

Our Entrepreneur Online Teacher Bundles also include:

– either our 120-hour or 140-hour Online TEFL Course (accredited TEFL certifications) / or our 20-hour Online Teaching Practicum
– Online Teacher PATH Program – bridging the gap between TEFL certification and working as an online teacher
– eTEFL Online Affiliate Program Membership
– membership to our professional development and job support groups
– social media promotion
– access to our resources library with teaching tools, tips and materials

We have bundled these online courses and services together to create a comprehensive online teacher training packages that provide everything you need to run your own successful online teaching business.
For more details view our Entrepreneur Online Teacher Bundles

As you can see, teaching English online is far more flexible than you may have thought. You can work as an employee for 1 school or for several at the same time. You can work freelance and set your own rate and schedule, choose who you teach and specialise in specific areas of English that relate to your professional experience. Or you can work for an online school and as a freelancer. Or you can start your own successful online teaching business to control every aspect and grow your income to far beyond that of an employee or freelancer. The choice is yours.

Get in touch with us at eTEFL Online for more information and help with teaching English online.