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What do you need to have to build your teaching resume?

What do you need to have to build your teaching resume?


Building your resume is an essential part of furthering your career. Nowadays, any line of work will require you to have a strong resume due to the competitiveness of the job market, with so many different people pursuing the same paths.

The same is the case for teaching, as building a resume for teaching jobs can require work and effort. Your resume is one of the first things potential employers will see about you, so having a good resume and making an impression based on that can be the difference between you getting your desired job and missing out on it. This article will look at what you need to build your teaching resume and make it more desirable.




Whenever you build a resume, you need to highlight any qualifications you have, and for teaching, this is no different. It would be best if you always highlighted your university or college degrees showcasing your major. For many teaching jobs, there might be some specific qualifications that could be required from you. Having them on your resume is essential as potential employers will always look for that. There are also many different courses and professional qualifications that you can obtain online here and here


Work experience


Work experience has always been crucial to building your resume and getting better jobs. Still, over time it has become even more critical with employers prioritizing it very much. While potential employers may prioritize experienced teachers as they have a very good track record due to all their previous jobs, your experience from other professions cannot be overlooked. If you can show how the skills you acquired are transferable to teaching, they can also be used on your resume.


All experience is good.


As someone new in the world of teaching and looking to build up their resume, look for any relevant teaching experience you can find. Many people might not want to work in a low-paying job, or a job that they feel isn’t suited to them, but sometimes the compromise can be worth it in the long run. Internships offer great opportunities as they can be easy to get into and provide some valuable work experience, and you can learn on the job. If you are someone fresh out of university, internships can be great as they are always looking for new graduates. For example, if you are someone who graduated in Australia, Australian internships in teaching can help you kick-start your career.


Online jobs


The internet has become involved in all aspects of our lives, and the same has happened in professional fields. Teaching jobs on the internet have slowly gained popularity over the past decade, with the COVID pandemic further increasing its popularity. Online jobs in teaching can offer you many different opportunities and allow you to widen your area of expertise. One of the most significant plus points of online jobs is that they allow you to be comfortable teaching from home and save you a lot of time.




Your references can play a big part when looking for jobs and impressing potential employers. The references, in this case, can be from a wide range of people you know professionally.


References from teachers and professors


References from your university professors and teachers can help you land some good first jobs or internships as they can showcase how capable you are. If the person writing your reference is someone very accomplished, it can be a very big plus point and help you even more.


References from past employers


When you go for a new job, references from your past employer can help your new employer to see your value. A positive word from one boss to another can go a long way in helping you develop your career. Leaving your job on a good note can be very valuable in this regard.


Reaching your teaching goal.


In the end, anyone looking to get into the teaching profession will always have an end goal of what they want with it. Always fully use all resources available at your disposal to help you in your career, and don’t be scared of new challenges.

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