Introduction to the Cambridge A2 Key Exam

The A2 Key exam is the first exam from Cambridge Assessment English aimed at candidates over the age of 13. For young learners aged 8 to 12, they offer the “Starters”, “Movers”, and “Flyers” exams which are not covered in this course as their structure and approach are completely different.

This exam consists of 3 Papers with Paper 1 testing the candidates reading and writing skills, Paper 2 testing their listening skills, and Paper 3 testing their speaking skills.

We’ll be referring to the official Cambridge Teacher’s Handbook frequently which you can download in its entirety for free from the website through the “Materials” tab above. We have also added additional resources to this tab for you to download.

We have edited this handbook for each Paper and each Part of the A2 exam in the following lessons and topics for this course to make it easier to explain and understand but highly recommend that you download the full version as well.

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