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China has an emerging middle class of approximately 400 million people! That is about the entire population of the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa combined. Research suggests that as much as 60% of the middle class pays for additional tutoring for their children, spending sometimes as much as US$43,000 a year. Yes, you read that correctly! And the amount spent is expected to continue to rise for many years into the future. There is intense pressure for children to do well in exams so they can be accepted into good schools, and to speak English well so they can attend university internationally and hopefully get higher-paying and more prestigious job opportunities as an adult.

It’s no wonder with these kinds of statistics that China has had an insatiable need for ESL tutors, and thankfully due to technology, tutors can now be sourced from around the world to deliver lessons online.

English language online tutoring is one of the fastest growing work from home job opportunities in the world, and it’s not just China who are the main consumers. There are an estimated 1.5 billion English language students across the globe, and many of them are reliant on using ESL tutors online.

Some of the countries where the growth of English language students are expected to explode (some countries are expected to have up to 40% increase in English students!) include:

  • Indonesia
  • Pakistan
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Ethiopia

There are two main reasons for this, one is that English is considered to be the language of business and people know that by learning English their chances of being successful in their career improves. And two, these countries are becoming more engaged with outside economies and as such, have a growing middle class who have money to spend (like China).

And this may surprise you, but even native English speaking countries are expected to have a growing number of students that also need qualified TEFL tutors due to emigration.

While there are plenty of opportunities for face-to-face teaching around the world, schools are well aware that many ESL tutors do not have the ability or the desire to move internationally. This has opened up opportunities for almost anyone in any country to teach English online if they can speak English fluently, have a TEFL certificate and access to the internet. But amazingly there is still a shortfall in ESL tutors!

As previously discussed, China has a huge market of ESL students but often they are children, and not everyone wants to teach children or has the patience to do it. But that is okay! There are perhaps even more opportunities for those who want to teach in other niches. And it often pays more too.

Online English tutors on Chinese platforms are now subject to increased qualification requirements (read more here) and depending on what country your passport is from you could earn as little as US$10 an hour. However, there are many people earning as much as US$25.

Some of the best paying niches include:

  • Business English
  • Academic English
  • Conversational English
  • Exam preparation

These niches can pay as much as US$100 an hour!

There are three main ways that an ESL tutor can follow to start their online tutoring career.

Freelance – This means you work for yourself, but you use common language learning platforms to find students (or they find you). Platforms like this include Cambly and Verbling.

Contract – This means you work for an online tutoring company who provides the students and lessons for you to deliver. Companies like this include VIPKid and QKids.

Independent – This means you work for yourself, develop your own client base, set your own hours and your own rates in the niche(s) of your choice. You may have had trouble finding employment as a Contractor or as a Freelancer since you don’t meet all their requirements (such as being a Native English Speaker, have a degree and/or got the required years of experience). Or you may have come from an ESL teaching background and just wanted to be your own boss with a more lucrative tutoring business. You deliver on the communication platform of your choosing and can explore other related passive income opportunities.

As you can see from the table below, no matter where you are in life, what your education is, where your skills lie, there is an opportunity for you to take advantage of the huge growth of the ESL industry.

Table of Requirements for teaching English Online

Requirements: Freelance vs Contract vs Independent online English teachers.

The idea of working from home online seems like a dream to many people, but as an ESL tutor, it can be a reality. For only a few hundred dollars and a couple weeks of your time, you can start a whole new career working from home. There are many different reasons people want to work from home, including:

  • The need for flexibility
  • Family reasons
  • Wanting to travel
  • Career burnout
  • Illness and injury
  • Want to avoid traffic
  • Hate office politics
  • Want to see their children grow up
  • Have to care for aging parents
  • Want to be their own boss
  • Fire their boss
  • To not have to wake up to an alarm to go to work
  • Need to earn extra income as a side job

The list goes on!

But why ESL tutoring online?

  • Easy and budget-friendly certification to get started
  • Can start earning money within weeks
  • Multiple options for types of work
  • Paid in US dollars
  • Use the skills you already have
  • Flexibility to work hours particularly for contract and independent tutors

Below is a comparison of the various benefits between the 3 main ESL Tutoring types:

Table of Benefits for teaching English online

Benefits: Freelance vs Contract vs Independent online English teachers.

If you’re interested in taking the first step into a new career, or even if you’re already TEFL qualified and want to move in a different direction, then make an appointment today to speak with Jody to get more details.

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