Upgrade Packages

Below you will find a selection of upgrade packages that offer all the services included in our Freelance, Contract and Independent Teacher packages but WITHOUT the TEFL course. These upgrade packages are perfect if you already have a teaching qualification like the TEFL, CELTA or a Teaching Degree.

20-Hour Online Teaching Practicum


$ 147
R 2495
€ 140

If you already have a teaching qualification and just need practical online teacher training, then this is the best option for you.

The 20-hour practicum component provides EFL teachers with a highly-scaffolded practical learning experience. During the practicum, you will:

  • observe six EFL teachers in both classroom and online settings using a specially-designed observation form
  • reflect on these observations, emphasizing the skills/tools/characteristics you’d like to develop in your own teaching practice
  • personally meet with your practicum coach to plan your first online lesson
  • teach a total of ten 30-minute lessons to a mix of ages and levels
  • reflect on each teaching experience, allowing for continuous improvement
  • receive professional feedback from your practicum coach, who will view and comment on one of your lessons
  • develop a personal learning program going forward

The practicum component is your entry point into the exciting TEFL profession and will provide you with the confidence and experience you need to confidently begin your TEFL career.

You will also have access to our teacher’s resource centre which includes a free job application kit, free lesson plans, CV/Resume template + tips, job application links for degree holders, and those with no degree, and freelancer application links.

You’ll get:

  • 20-Hour Online Teaching Practicum
  • Tutor Support
  • Practicum Coach
  • Access to our teacher’s resource centre
  • Guaranteed Interview with iTutorGroup*

We have partnered with iTutorGroup to offer you a guaranteed first interview with them to become one of their online English teachers!

You’ll be assigned a personal consultant who will prepare you for the interview and support you throughout the process. You’ll also get access to a private Facebook group with resources, videos, and weekly training as well.

The hiring process is online with a 15-minute interview with your consultant, onboarding, and then start.

*To be eligible to work for iTutorGroup, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Have completed the TEFL course
  • Able to commit to 5 peak hours per week
  • Access to a computer with a reliable internet

Please note that the TEFL course is NOT included in this package.

Freelance Upgrade

This option has been discontinued and has been replaced with our Practicum Freelance Teacher package.


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Contract Upgrade

This option has been discontinued and has been replaced with our Practicum Contract package


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Independent Upgrade

This option has been discontinued and replaced with our Practicum Teacher Entrepreneur package


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Get TEFL certified in a few weeks and start tutoring English online from the comfort of your own home or from your laptop while traveling the world.

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