120-Hour Online TEFL Course

If you require a TEFL certification course then this is the best option for you.

We work with iTEFL to provide their Premium 120-Hour online TEFL course. Established in 2002, they have issued over 18 000 TEFL certificates to students all over the world which are internationally recognised and accredited.

We have chosen to work with iTEFL , not only because of their excellent international reputation for quality TEFL courses, but also because they offer the Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) preparation course as an optional extra for those looking to get a second teaching certification with the prestigious “Cambridge University” seal, but also a “Buddy Pass” system. This allows you to invite someone to take the course with you for a discounted rate. Once you have enrolled in your online TEFL course, you can ask your tutor to provide you with your Buddy Pass to give to whoever you want. Take the course with a friend or family memember or share the cost with them, they just need to pay a $1 member fee to get the full 120-hour certification course too!

Due to our strategic partnership with iTEFL we are able to offer their $297 Premium Online TEFL course at a discounted rate to you. You can see all their courses here www.itefl.org

You’ll get:

  • An accredited TEFL/TESOL 120-Hour Certificate
  • Lifetime Job Club Membership
  • Teach Young Learners (TEYL) Module
  • Cambridge (TKT) Online Course
  • Teach Online or In-class

We have also partnered with the online education charity, the EWF, to provide you with 10 hours of online teaching practice with real students which will help you gain valuable experience and confidence to teach English online. Upon completion of your 10 hours, you will receive a letter of recommendation to use when applying for jobs or as a referrence to show your students if you work freelance or own your own online teaching business.

Not only will you be getting online teaching experience but you will also be helping a good cause and on top of that, we’ll donate $20 to the EWF for every teacher that completes their 10 hours!

You can visit their website here www.ewfglobal.com for more information on what they do.


Get TEFL certified in a few weeks and start tutoring English online from the comfort of your own home or from your laptop while traveling the world.

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