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As an online business owner, you will have more control over what you teach, how you do it and who you teach. Your earning potential is also greater as a business owner as you can also create online courses to sell on auto-pilot.

To start your own online teaching business you will need a website, virtual classroom software, a payment system, an email marketing system and course materials. If you are new to all these concepts, don’t worry because we can help with all of it.

From iTEFL, you’ll get:

  • An accredited TEFL/TESOL 120-Hour Certificate
  • Lifetime Job Club Membership
  • Teach Young Learners (TEYL) Module
  • Cambridge (TKT) Online Course
  • *Buy one online TEFL Course get 1 FREE.

We also have a partnership with Just ESL Tutors, who provide professional ESL (English as a Second Language) support to independent online Engllish teachers, which allows us to offer their services to you at a discounted rate. With this package, you’ll get their “From ESL Tutor To Business Owner In 28 Days” online course which includes:

  • 28 step by step lessons on how to build your online ESL tutoring business
  • 40+ worksheets, checklists, hints and tips guides
  • 50 + video lessons
  • Advanced resources for when you’ve got the basics in place
  • Access to their member only Facebook Group so you can get support from the authors of this course and other ESL tutors
  • Lifetime access to this course with relevant updates
  • Access to their incredible refer a friend program where you could earn as much as 30% on their purchases

With the resources provided by iTEFL and Just ESL Resumes, we then guide your through the entire process of getting set up as a freelance online English teacher. We also include resources and online teaching practice. After you enroll, you will be sent a series of emails with step-by-step instructions on how to get set up. Here’s how it works:

  • Email 1: Welcome, online TEFL course and “From ESL Tutor to Business Owner in 28 Days” online course set up instructions.
  • Email 2: Start your online teaching practice with EWF.
  • Email 3: Teaching resources.

From us, you’ll get:

  • A set of 20 premade lesson plans to help you get started
  • Access to our teacher’s resource centre
  • Lifetime Support
  • 10 hours of practical online teaching experience with a letter of recommendation from EWF.


Get TEFL certified in a few weeks and start tutoring English online from the comfort of your own home or from your laptop while traveling the world.

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