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TEFL Teacher Mentorship Program

Do you ever feel unprepared for teaching English online? Have you completed or are you thinking about completing a TEFL course, but feel that you are not yet confident in the classroom? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 

This TEFL Mentorship program is designed to help you become the best teacher you can be and help you reach your full potential. It is one of the best TEFL courses on the market. Why? Your learning shouldn’t stop at certification. Trust us when we say that you’re not the only one who feels a little nervous about walking into their first teaching job. Led by industry experts, join our community and gain confidence as a teacher.

Mentorship Program Overview

Online English teaching has been booming in recent years. And why wouldn’t it? It is your passport to travel. It is your chance to work from home. It is your opportunity to work flexibly and on your own terms. To have success when applying for TEFL jobs, you’ll need one of the best TEFL courses on the market, as well as guidance to help you succeed.

Headed and designed by our Head of the Mentorship Program, Zander Botha, this 10-hour Mentorship Program will cover everything you need to know from preparing for job interviews to building your own student database.

If you are planning to teach online by going freelance or starting a business online, this course will help you get there a lot faster than starting from scratch by yourself. You will follow this online 10-hour course with a group of your peers led by one of our amazing mentors.

What’s Included? 

10 hours of Live Teacher Training (tutor led)

No more than 6 learners in one class

Access to our Academic support team (in-between live classes)

Teach IELTS Exam Preparation Course

Mentorship Program Outline

The 10-hour Mentorship Program is a course designed to help teachers reach new heights and start their online teaching career the right way. We have divided this course into ten 1-hour to 1.5-hour sessions to maximize learning potential. For each session, you will have a specific topic outlined and a new skill learned. By the end of this course, you’ll be an expert in the field of TEFL teaching and have the tools needed to become a successful online teacher. Here is a breakdown of what you’ll learn throughout the course.

Session 1 | Introduction to Online Teaching

Your first class will definitely help you find the motivation to become a successful TEFL teacher. You’ll meet your mentor in the first session and your peers. It’s a great opportunity to share your story and why you joined the mentorship program. Objectives outlining will help you get inspiration for TEFL teaching.


Session 2 | Creating your Profile

Your teaching profile is the most important part to get right. Your profile is the first thing that potential employers will see. Did you know that employers take an average of 30 seconds to look through applications? In this session, you’ll learn how to make yourself stand out in front of the crowd. This will include your CV, cover letters, introduction videos, and profile pictures.


Session 3 | Interview Preparation

Online teacher interviews are a little different from what you’d expect in other industries. They are a vital part of the application process. Online companies are worldwide and they need to know that you’ll do a great job for them remotely. We’ll help you with your interview skills and let you know what to look out for and what they will expect from you. From mock lessons to freelance profile applications, you’ll be set!


Session 4 | Private Students and Building your Business

Once you get hired, it’s not over yet! As a freelance online teacher, you are new and without reviews. In this session, we’ll cover how to build your freelance profile and get a quality student database. You’ll also learn how to rate yourself in terms of cost and how to increase your hourly rates in time. You’ll also get to experience trial lessons in this one.


Session 5 | The Finishing Touches

So, hypothetically, you’ve got the certification, applied for a job, and have some students for yourself. The fun does not stop there! You need to continue your newfound career and grow your business. In this last session, we’ll cover student retention, finding your niche, and talk about typical obstacles that online teachers encounter.


Session 6 | Catch Up

At ETEFL, we care about our students and want them to succeed. This is why we created the mentorship program. Learning doesn’t need to stop at certification. One month after the first 5 initial sessions, we set up a catch-up session with you. We’ll assess your progress, explore other sources of income, and work on helping you develop personal skills that will add value to your teaching.


Session 7 | Catch Up: Round 2

Two months after completing the mentorship program, we’ll set up another session with you. Why? We want just one more final check-in with you to see how we can help. We will battle any issues you may have as an online teacher, revisit goals, and set expectations. You’ll also get the chance to join our teacher community and share your stories, as well as listen to others and get some peer feedback.


A Sneak Peek into the live TEFL Mentorship Program

A Sneak Peek into the Self-Study TEFL Mentorship Course

TEFL Mentorship Options | How do I sign up?

Already Qualified

If you already have a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA qualification, and would like to take advantage of this program, that’s no problem! Our mentorship program is open to every teacher, not just our own. Click the link below and avail of this unique and exclusive program. 

Just Starting

If you are interested in gaining your TEFL certification and enrolling in the mentorship program, you can hit two birds with one stone by enrolling onto our course packages. See the link below for more details.

What do previous graduates have to say?

Hi Team, I eventually did my trial lesson with my South Korean student last night. It turned out to be the mom and the 11-year-old son. We had an awesome hour conversing, so much so that she booked a bundle of 8.5 hours a few minutes ago! Thank you once again Zander for the mentorship program. Good luck guys and girls.

Kobus, July 2021 Group

Discover the TEFL Mentorship Program - eTEFL Online

The personal touch sets this course up above all others in the industry. Even post course support, priceless. This has had such a big impact on my life, in both business and personal. Thank you Zander and Jody for sharing your experience and knowledge. The course has been such a learning curve and turning point for me.

Alison, August 2021 Group

Discover the TEFL Mentorship Program - eTEFL Online

After the completion of my TEFL certificate I had no idea where to start. I've enrolled for the Mentorship programme and met Zander. The course is filled with valuable expertise and first hand knowledge on ESL teaching. Zander takes you on his road to success and equip you with all the tools, creativity, confidence and skills.

Adéle, September 2021 Group

Discover the TEFL Mentorship Program - eTEFL Online

I recently completed a mentorship programme with eTEFL online as I had achieved my TEFL qualification and needed guidance to apply to schools and platforms so I could start teaching English online. Zander and Jody shared so much of their personal experiences and within a week of completing the programme, I have secured 2 positions.

Pepi, September 2021 Group

Discover the TEFL Mentorship Program - eTEFL Online

In the mentorship program I found even more guidance and answers to the inevitable “What now?” questions. If you have the opportunity to be mentored, please take it, you absolutely will not regret it because you could start looking for work on your own, but mentorship surely does help to fast track the process.

Sue-Ellen, February 2022 Group

Discover the TEFL Mentorship Program - eTEFL Online

Reviews From Our Online Teachers

If you want to make a success of your new career teaching English online, head over to our Online Teacher Training Bundles page HERE to see the bundles available. Getting your TEFL certificate is a great first step to teaching English online but is only step 1 in the process. That’s why we created the training bundles. We have been training online English teachers since 2016 and know what is required, what online schools are looking for, and what students want from their teachers. We have put everything you need into 1 bundle so that you can find success as soon as possible and start earning a living teaching English online as fast as possible.

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