Standard Online Teacher


Our Standard Online Teacher package includes the 120-hour Standard Online TEFL course PLUS access to Just ESL Resumes’ Online Teacher PATH Course.

By combining these into 1 package, you are able to save up to 15% on the retail price of both programs!


  • 120-hour Standard Online TEFL/TESOL course
  • Accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate
  • Full Tutor Support
  • Exclusive Access to our Facebook Teacher Support Group
  • Membership to our Teacher’s Resource Centre
  • Just ESL Resumes Online Teacher PATH Course
  • Job Support

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Our Standard Freelance Teacher package has been designed for those with little to no teaching experience, or experienced teachers who don’t yet have a TEFL/TESOL certification.

Earning a steady living from online teaching requires you to be able to diversify and take advantage of any opportunity presented to you. Whether that opportunity comes from a contract position with an online school, through freelance profiles on teaching websites or students contacting you directly through social media.

This package includes our 120-hour Standard Online TEFL/TESOL course combined with Just ESL Resumes Online Teacher PATH Course.

This course will show you how to create your ESL resume, cover letter, and prepare your introduction video so you can apply for jobs with online schools. You’ll also learn how to set up freelance and LinkedIn teacher profiles to be able to get your own students online. This course is not only useful in setting yourself up as an online English teacher but you can use the skills you’ve learned to do the same for other aspiring online teachers and generate a secondary source of income online.

By combining these courses and programs, we are able to cover all the aspects you need to know to start teaching English online and you save up to 15% off the retail prices if you were to purchase them separately.

The 120-hour Standard Online TEFL Course

Our Standard Online TEFL course is the perfect starting point for your English teaching career. Whether you want to teach online or abroad, your certification will be recognized and accepted worldwide.

The 120-hour curriculum is the international standard for teaching English and all our courses come with tutor support.

Learn more about our 120-hour Standard Online TEFL/TESOL course by clicking HERE.

The Just ESL Tutors’ Online Teacher PATH Course

This program will help you bridge the gap between what you learned in your TEFL/TESOL course to getting a job, getting students, and keeping your students.

Your TEFL/TESOL course is the certification you need to teach English online, and it provides you with the foundations of being a great English language teacher.

The PATH program helps you take the next steps so you can teach with confidence.

Learn more about Just ESL Tutors’ Online Teacher PATH Course by clicking HERE.