Advanced Teacher Entrepreneur


Our Advanced Teacher Entrepreneur package includes the 140-hour Advanced Online TEFL course with teaching practicum PLUS access to James Liu’s 21-day Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge.

By combining these into 1 package, you are able to save up to 15% on the retail price of both programs!


  • 140-hour Advanced Online TEFL/TESOL course
  • Accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate
  • 20-hour Online Teaching Practicum
  • Full Tutor Support
  • A Practicum Coach
  • Exclusive Access to our Facebook Teacher Support Group
  • Membership to our Teacher’s Resource Centre
  • 21-Day Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge Coaching Program

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Our Advanced Teacher Entrepreneur package has been designed for experienced classroom teachers who would like to transition to running their own online teaching business.

It includes our 140-hour Advanced Online TEFL/TESOL course so that you can learn how to teach English specifically to speakers of other languages, a 20-hour Online Teaching Practicum so that you get practical online teaching experience and James Liu’s 21-day Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge so that you can acquire the business acumen to run your own online teaching business.

By combining these courses and programs, we are able to cover all the aspects you need to know to start your own online teaching business and you save up to 15% off the retail prices if you were to purchase them separately.

The 140-hour Advanced Online TEFL course

Our 140-Hour Advanced Online TEFL course is designed to give you both the certification to teach English online but also the experience teaching real ESL (English as a Second Language) students. With this option, you will complete 120 hours of teaching theory and a 20-hour online teaching practicum.

Learn more about our 140-hour Advanced Online TEFL/TESOL course by clicking HERE.

The 20-hour Online Teaching Practicum

The 20-hour practicum component provides EFL teachers with a highly-scaffolded practical learning experience. During the practicum, you will:

  • observe six EFL teachers in both classroom and online settings using a specially-designed observation form
  • reflect on these observations, emphasizing the skills/tools/characteristics you’d like to develop in your own teaching practice
  • personally meet with your practicum coach to plan your first online lesson
  • teach a total of ten 30-minute lessons to a mix of ages and levels
  • reflect on each teaching experience, allowing for continuous improvement
  • receive professional feedback from your practicum coach, who will view and comment on one of your lessons
  • develop a personal learning program going forward

The practicum component is your entry point into the exciting TEFL profession and will provide you with the confidence and experience you need to expertly begin your TEFL career.

Learn more about our 20-hour Online Teaching Practicum by clicking HERE.

The 21-day Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge

In 21 days, you’ll learn how to complete these objectives and take ACTION to implement them:

  • Define your niche to differentiate yourself from others
  • Craft your curriculum and transition to program-based teaching
  • ​Develop your marketing messages that actually resonate with your niche
  • ​Market yourself on social media platforms to connect with your potential students
  • Sharpen your sales skills to be comfortable with selling your program and converting students
  • ​Practice your entrepreneurial muscle and mindset to think and act like a successful entrepreneur

Learn more about James Liu’s 21-Day Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge by clicking HERE.