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Getting online teaching jobs can be tough at first, so below I list some of the schools hiring online English teachers (and how much they pay).

*This is the third blog in a series of five, to read the previous blog click here.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, there are over 300 online schools operating right now and most are actively recruiting. Let’s have a look at some of the more popular schools hiring online English teachers, their requirements and how much they pay. Obviously, I can’t list all 300 schools here, but I’ll give you a quick overview. Hopefully, this will help you find and get online teaching jobs!

Schools where you can get online teaching jobs

Schools hiring teachers that require a degree:

  1. Hujiang – $12-$20/hour
  2. GoGoKid – $14-$20/hour
  3. SayABC – $15- $28/hour
  4. iTutorGroup (TutorABC) – $14-$24/hour
  5. Nicekid – $15-$24/hour
  6. Orange Talk – $18-$22/hour
  7. Liulishuo $17-$22/hour
  8. Boktutors -$13-$18/hour
  9. Ingo – $15/hour
  10. DaDa – $16 -$25/hour

Schools hiring online teachers that don’t require a degree:

  1. Berlitz- $9-$15/hour
  2. Bright Learning – $10-$12/hour
  3. EnglishDom – $9-$10
  4. QuQuABC – $17-$23
  5. eTeacher Group – $5-$10
  6. HelloKid $5-$14
  7. Open Languages $10-$15
  8. Iboux – $5-$15
  9. IQBar – $12-$16
  10. Go For Languages – $12-$16

The online teaching jobs with these schools are contract positions where you get paid a set amount per hour.

Teaching English online via smartphone/tablet/apps:

  1. Cambly – $10/hour
  2. Palfish – $10-18/hour
  3. The Talk List – $10/hour
  4. Face Talk – $3-$10/hour
  5. Rype App – $9-$11/hour
  6. Edoo Pad -$5-$15/hour
  7. Boxfish – $20-$22/hour
  8. SnapLingo – $18-$22/hour
  9. Jiliguala Education – $18-$21/hour
  10. Tutoring – $10-$14/hour

Remember that we also mentioned that you can teach freelance online by creating a profile with a platform that connects teachers with students. While some of the above teaching apps provide this service, below are some PC/Laptop based providers of this freelancer service. You set your own teaching hours and rates so there are no average salaries listed.

Freelance online teaching job platforms:

  1. Tutorme
  2. iTalki
  3. Verbling
  4. Café Talk
  5. Verbal Planet

As you can see from the lists, you are likely to get paid more teaching English online if you have a degree. Therefore, if you don’t have one then expect to get paid a little less in the beginning. You can always work your way up in one company to a higher pay grade and use that to apply to other schools, even those who require a degree, as everyone values online teaching experience above all else. In fact, it’s quite normal for online teachers in this industry to work for several schools at one time to cover all the hours they require and to provide the salary that they need.

There are some big names missing from this list as well, like VIPKid. I left them out on purpose because they are very exclusive in their recruitment process.

I could give you application links to each of these schools but https://oetjobs.com has a massive database and a very intuitive search tool that I find is the best on the market. So go ahead and click on their link above to do your own research and check out those other 270+ schools hiring teachers out there.

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