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Work from Home or Anywhere - Teaching English Online!

This short online course – “An Introduction to Teaching English Online” – covers everything you need to know to teach English online. We created this course to give you all the information you need to know to have a career teaching English online. It shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to go through and you will get instant access.

Work from Home or Anywhere - Teaching English Online!

1. A short English level test – 10 questions 
2. Case studies from our previous graduates
3. How long will it take to get your first student? 
4. How much can you earn? 
5. What do you need to get started? 
6. Video examples of real online classes
7. Bonus TEFL module – Teaching English Online
8. How eTEFL Online Teacher Training can help you

What Our Students Say

Have a look at what our previous graduates have to say about their experience with eTEFL Online Teacher Training.

The guidance in helping to prepare my Resume, video introduction and heads-up on interview techniques stood me in good stead to land 3 acceptances on freelance platforms and one at a training school, all within the first month of completing the program.

Andred Student

Once I passed my course, I started in the mentorship program and there I found even more guidance and answers to the inevitable “What now?” questions. If you have the opportunity to be mentored, please take it, you absolutely will not regret it because you could start looking for work on your own, but mentorship surely does help to fast track the confusion of the process.

Sue-Ellen Student

With the guidance through eTEFL Online, I compiled a resume and applied for membership at a tutor platform. To my surprise, I have had success with 2 students thus far, a 3rd one pending, and they keep my evenings busy for about 3 to 4 hours daily. Without eTEFL Online, none of this would have been possible.

Nick Adalman Student

The course is filled with valuable expertise and first hand knowledge on ESL teaching. Zander takes you on his road to success and equip you with all the tools, creativity, confidence and skills. The course has exceeded my wildest expectations.

Adele Student

The personal touch sets this course up above all others in the industry. Even post course support, priceless. This has had such a big impact on my life, in both business and personal. Thank you Zander and Jody for sharing your experience and knowledge. The course has been such a learning curve and turning point for me. Quality education. Thank you.

Allison Student

I recently completed a mentorship programme with eTEFL online as I had achieved my TEFL qualification and needed guidance to apply to schools and platforms so I could start teaching English online. Zander and Jody shared so much of their personal experiences and within a week of completing the programme, I have secured 2 positions. This investment will be returned tenfold within a few months.

Pepi Student

We don't just sell courses.

We are an online teacher training academy dedicated to helping people like you build long-term careers teaching English online. We provide all the theoretical training, practical coaching, and career mentorship you need to succeed.