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eTefl Online was founded by Jody van der Westhuizen, a South African TEFL teacher in Spain with over 12 years teaching experience.

Hello future TEFL teacher,

My name is Jody and I’m the owner here at eTefl Online. 13 years ago I did an online TEFL course and I have been working as a TEFL teacher in Spain ever since. Doing this course changed my life and now I want to share this opportunity with you.
I started eTefl Online out of a desire to help people, I saw that every course provider (while providing quality education) basically left you to fend for yourself after graduating. They offer advice but not that personal guidance to ensure you get a job.

That’s where eTefl Online comes in. I have formed partnerships with TEFL Course providers, recruiters, schools and other TEFL professionals to create tailor-made packages for every individual.

If you have any questions or would like some more information please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.



All job offers are subject to an interview by the prospective employer. 93% of our course graduates who wanted to work, and who followed our instructions, were able to secure a paid teaching job online within 1 month of completing our online TEFL course. The demand for English teachers is much greater than the available number of TEFL teachers. Although most ESL schools abroad are desperate for teachers, applicants are required to approach the job interview professionally and with respect, as you would with any job vacancy. Some companies require you to have a BA degree or Diploma in any subject as well as a TEFL Certificate.

This TEFL/TESOL program is certified to meet international standards. Our TEFL/TESOL courses are accredited and moderated by the International TEFL Organization (ITO). The TKT certificate is awarded separately by Cambridge ESOL, part of the University of Cambridge. *Exam fees are payable directly to the approved Cambridge exam centre and are not collected by eTefl Online.


Get TEFL certified in a few weeks and start tutoring English online from the comfort of your own home or from your laptop while traveling the world.

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