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Advanced Online Teacher Bundles

Our Advanced Online Teacher Bundles are best for people looking to maximise their income potential by working for an online school AND on freelance teaching platforms. We recommend you have a degree (in any field) but it is not compulsory as a degree is not necessary for freelance teaching. These bundles include the Online Teacher PATH program which gives you the tools and skills to help yourself and other online teachers prepare resumes, introduction videos, and everything else needed to be a successful online teacher on top of the TEFL/TESOL courses. 

Advanced online teacher bundles

Advanced Online Teacher Bundles

Choose from our 20-hour online teaching practicum, 120-hour, or 140-hour online TEFL/TESOL courses with tutor and practicum coach support. Then combine them with the Online Teacher PATH Program, job support, social media promotion, and access to our resource library.

Advanced Online Teacher Bundles - eTEFL Online


What’s Included In Our Advanced Online Teacher Bundles?

120-hour Advanced Online Teacher Bundle

Our Online Teacher Training Courses (TEFL/TESOL)

A well-structured teacher training course is the cornerstone of your online teaching career. Choose from our accredited 120-hour or 150-hour online teacher training courses.

Or if you already have a teaching certification, choose one of our Mentorship Upgrade Bundles where we will meet with you over Zoom in a 10-hour live program to help you prepare you documents and profiles, to help you get interviews and private students.

Online Teacher PATH Program

This program will help you bridge the gap between what you learned in your TEFL/TESOL course to getting a job, getting students and keeping your students. It includes 19 Easy to Follow Video Lessons, 12 Facebook Marketing Techniques Bonus Videos, 4 Bonus Lessons, 30+ Templates and Examples, 80+ ESL Language Learning Platforms and Schools, 1000 keywords, power words and phrases, Full Lifetime Access and it’s Smart Phone/Tablet Responsive.

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Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion

A major part of using freelance platforms or getting your own students is being able to market your services online. As part of our Advanced or Entrepreneur Online Teacher packages, we will create social media posts for you, help define your niche, and post these on our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts to help get you exposure. 

Access To Our Resource Library

As an online teacher, you will need lesson plans, worksheets, books and other materials to teach effectively. In our ever-growing resource library, we have gathered together 100s of done-for-you lesson plans, free downloadable worksheets, free add-on courses for your professional development, training videos and much, much more.

Ongoing Professional Development
Online Teacher Community Support

Lifetime Job Support

We will connect you with a coach to help you prepare for interviews, mentor you through the process and provide support. You will also become part of our Online Teacher Community where through email and our private WhatsApp group, eTEFL Online, selected recruiters and your fellow online teachers will help each other get interviews, find resources, motivate and challenge each other to get the most out of your careers teaching English online.

Referral Program Membership

Having multiple streams of income is the best way to ensure a steady income teaching English online. We want to give you as many opportunities to earn an income in the eLearning industry as possible. With every bundle, you will get membership to our affiliate program to earn commissions by referring people to us.

eTEFL Online

If you still need assistance in choosing the right package for your needs, please call us on the telephone numbers listed at the bottom of this page or send us an email to support@eteflonline.com 

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