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About eTEFL Online Teacher Training

We specialise in training online English teachers. Although getting your certification is the cornerstone of your online teaching career, there’s more to teaching online. That’s where we specialise and what sets us apart from other training organisations.


Meet the team

ABOUT - eTEFL Online



My name is Jody van der Westhuizen and I’m the founder and your primary point of contact on your online teacher training journey. I’ve gathered together all the trainers, partners, and resources you need to be successful in one place and look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Course Manager


My name is Dr. Daniel Portman. I have a doctorate in education and over 20 years of experience training teachers. I have designed the teacher training courses to give you all the skills you need to be a great teacher.

ABOUT - eTEFL Online
ABOUT - eTEFL Online

Course tutor and coach


My name is Lawn Dixon and I will be helping Daniel as your tutor and will be your practicum coach in the teacher training courses. I have a Master’s degree and have been training ESL teachers for over 20 years.

TEFL Mentor


My name is Zander Botha and I’m here to mentor you through your TEFL journey. I have been a successful online teacher since 2020 and I look forward to helping you achieve even more success in my 10-hour Online Teacher Mentorship Program. 

ABOUT - eTEFL Online
ABOUT - eTEFL Online

IELTS Head of Studies


My name is Roxanne Botha and I will be helping you specialize in the exam preparation niche with my 30-hour Teach IELTS Exam Preparation Course. I have a degree in education and have been teaching English online since 2017.

About US

Our Story

Jody van der Westhuizen, an ESL teacher with over 14 years of experience began eTEFL Online in 2016. At that time, teaching English online was a relatively unknown career but the potential of the industry was obvious. However, there was no one helping new teachers get started and a lot of work to do between getting certified to teach and actually getting your first class as an online teacher.


Jody saw this opportunity and using his teaching and marketing skills, created a consultancy service that included everything that a new online teacher needs to be successful online. In the beginning by just combining the courses and services of 3rd party providers but after seeing the need for quality teacher training courses, he partnered with Dr. Daniel Portman who has a doctorate in education and has been training teachers for over 20 years.


Between the 2 of them, and the other eTEFL Online partners, they created the Online Teacher Bundles you see on the website today. Jody knows how you can set yourself up as a teacher online, helps teachers specialise and market themselves while Daniel provides the education and training teachers need to teach effectively. What they don’t know is handled by their partners Just ESL Tutors and Bowei Strategy.


Everyone needs help to be successful and eTEFL Online is no different. This is why they work with the best organisations and coaches in the business to give you the tools and skills that cover all your bases from practical online teacher training, to document creation, teacher profile writing, to job interview coaching, freelance coaching and business coaching.

About US

What we bring to the table

eTEFL Online is not just about getting you certified and sending you on your way. We help create independent online teachers that can earn a living no matter what is happening in the market.


Teaching English online is not just about teaching Chinese children for $10 an hour. There’s so much more and that’s what we want to teach you.


Our strategy is to get you certified, help you prepare your resume and other documents, get you interviews and then help you start building your freelance online career.


We do this by coaching and mentoring you to set up your teacher profiles, getting you interviews, showing you how to specialise and diversify, charge more per hour, to build a sustainable long-term career.




Official eTEFL Online Partners

ABOUT - eTEFL Online

Practicum manager

Cristina Lopez

Cristina Lopez will be your point of contact at eTEFL’s online partner school Tu Academia En Casa during your practical online teacher training. She’s a university lecturer with a Master’s degree and online entrepreneur. 

ABOUT - eTEFL Online

entrepreneur coach

James Liu

James Liu. will be your entrepreneur coach in the 21-day Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge. He has a PhD and an MBA and has helped over 300 teachers start their own online teaching businesses under his mentorship program.

ABOUT - eTEFL Online

path Program managers

Chris and Rachael

Digital Nomads, Chris and Rachael, run Just ESL Tutors who provide the Online Teacher PATH  Program and Resume Course included in our Bundles. They have over a decade of experience in ESL recruitment and document creation.

ABOUT - eTEFL Online

Recruitment specialist

Kelly Daigle

Kelly is a full-time online English teacher and a recruiter, coach and interviewer for many online schools. She will be your point of contact for job applications, interview coaching and mentorship when you apply to online schools.

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